So I started a blog. When I went to, it was to create an account so that I could follow the posts of my friends that blog on wordpress and such. But then when they asked me if I wanted a blog of my own, for some reason, I clicked yes, so here we are! I have decided that I will be using this blog as an outlet. Both as a creative outlet and as an emotional one. Creative because, as someone with no artistic ability whatsoever ( 😦 ), the only way I can find to express myself creatively is with words, which is one thing I excel at (I think). It is also an emotional outlet in the sense that, this is a place that I will come to in order to vent, because I hear that bottling up your emotions is bad for you (someone please tell this to my mom). So, when I have something that I want to share or a story that I want to tell, I will come here. Also, if I have a bad day at work, or something particularly awesome happens, I will also come here.

In this blog, I will talk about just about anything I want, so if you choose to read and follow it, be prepared. I feel that, in reading my posts, you will come to know me as a person, know the things I like and dislike, etc. I hope that on knowing me, you will subsequently like me, but if you do not, I really cannot blame you, but please be civil. Do not assume that unnecessarily nasty comments will go unanswered, because while I consider myself to be mature, I can throw down too! I might answer back or I can ignore them, whichever I want because, as the title says, This Is Not About You!

So, all in all, what I am trying to say is that, this blog is mine. Not just because I created the account, but because the posts I put here are about me. I do it because I want to, and it is a means of maintaining my sanity. That said, I hope you find some enjoyment in this blog anyway, and if you don’t, well… *shrugs*. God-willing, I will not forget about this account and I will continue to post entries. I hope you have enjoyed meeting meeting me, goodbye for now :).