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It’s all about risk, how much time you have to make the best decisions and what you are willing to put at stake. After all time is money. But what is money? Is it just currency? Is it just a means to an end? To what end? Is it to the end of poverty? Is it till the end of life? Ok, let me slow down, that’s a long time to come. Or is it? Really do we know when the last grain of sand would give way to “gravity” through that narrow tube into the lower bulb of our hourglass signifying THE END?


I have come across people making plans from the present to their old age, but subconsciously most can’t say for certain they’d live that long. The movie “In Time” is based on a world where time is money, literarily. And so you can actually see…

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So I started a blog. When I went to, it was to create an account so that I could follow the posts of my friends that blog on wordpress and such. But then when they asked me if I wanted a blog of my own, for some reason, I clicked yes, so here we are! I have decided that I will be using this blog as an outlet. Both as a creative outlet and as an emotional one. Creative because, as someone with no artistic ability whatsoever ( 😦 ), the only way I can find to express myself creatively is with words, which is one thing I excel at (I think). It is also an emotional outlet in the sense that, this is a place that I will come to in order to vent, because I hear that bottling up your emotions is bad for you (someone please tell this to my mom). So, when I have something that I want to share or a story that I want to tell, I will come here. Also, if I have a bad day at work, or something particularly awesome happens, I will also come here.

In this blog, I will talk about just about anything I want, so if you choose to read and follow it, be prepared. I feel that, in reading my posts, you will come to know me as a person, know the things I like and dislike, etc. I hope that on knowing me, you will subsequently like me, but if you do not, I really cannot blame you, but please be civil. Do not assume that unnecessarily nasty comments will go unanswered, because while I consider myself to be mature, I can throw down too! I might answer back or I can ignore them, whichever I want because, as the title says, This Is Not About You!

So, all in all, what I am trying to say is that, this blog is mine. Not just because I created the account, but because the posts I put here are about me. I do it because I want to, and it is a means of maintaining my sanity. That said, I hope you find some enjoyment in this blog anyway, and if you don’t, well… *shrugs*. God-willing, I will not forget about this account and I will continue to post entries. I hope you have enjoyed meeting meeting me, goodbye for now :).

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Happy blogging!